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Commercial Moves

Commercial Movers
Serving Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

office moving, commercial movers Maryland

We offer a wide range of solutions for specific needs to our corporate customers during their commercial move. We also have warehouse space that can be used for temporarily storing equipment and files while preparing a commercial move. We move offices with comprehensive services that will ensure we can provide your business with a customized solution to any challenge your business faces. We offer a wide range of services to relocate your business while catering to your specific needs. You will be assigned a Quality Assurance Representative who will work with you throughout every stage of your office relocation, from the initial moving estimate until your business is securely in your new location. Our highly trained move teams collaborate with your Quality Assurance Representative to ensure that every detail goes according to plan. As business movers, we transport filing cabinets, desks, modular and systems office furniture, computer systems and much more. In addition to packing, crating, unpacking and debris removal, Charming Movers can also upon request install and reconfigure modular systems office furniture as part of an office move, if needed.

We come prepared with the right staff and the right equipment. Your move is completely planned out prior to moving day; from special dollies and cartons to disassembly and reassembly of oversized office furniture.

office moving, commercial movers Maryland

Professionals at work for you!

We are one company that can accommodate your needs. You can feel confident that your move is being performed by professionals. Anything that we take apart for the safety of the move will be reassembled at your new location.

  • Complete packing services are available.
  • Our prices are competitive.
  • We consult with your staff/walk through.
  • Confirm special requirements
  • We work with you to develop a move schedule and strategy.
  • We coordinate with your staff on the sequence and timing of the move.

You can get started with us by filling out our Request a Quote form online, or just call us now, 301-738-2202.

Everthing is Planned & Coordinated

We coordinate, plan and organize your move completely.

We plan your move carefully to keep everything on-track and organized. We handle local and long distance services for residential, commercial and military customers. Our trucks are fully equipped with specialized crating systems. In addition, we are:

  • Fully insured
  • Military and GSA approved
  • Licensed by Department of Transportation (DOT)

You can feel confident that "your life... your memories" are being handled with the utmost care by professionals, who are as concerned as you are about your possessions.

Our Personal Service

Our personal service includes the special attention of your very own Quality Assurance Representative. Your representative will help you with all your moving needs, from special packing or handling issues to questions about scheduling and delivery.

Packing makes you nervous?

Our professionals know the proper way to pack your possessions.
Want us to help unpack and remove boxes at your new destination?
Would you like us to lay rugs and heavy furnishings at your new destination?
Think about the things you don’t want to do and let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your move more pleasant.

Professional Equipment for the Job

Charming Movers has all of the necessary state of the art equipment and professional man power to properly move your piano and any other large heavy items.

Residential Movers

residential moving services

At your request we will send an estimator to give you a free in-home estimate "Binding / guaranteed price" for long distance moving; you won't get any extra surprises on moving day. Our hourly rate applies to all local moves. Every pre-caution is taken to make sure that your belongings are well protected, secured and delivered safely.

Commercial Movers

Commercial moving services

We know that moving a business is a stressful and mission critical event. Irreplaceable records must be transferred securely, office equipment must be moved with care – all with a minimum disruption to your employees and the business routine. We come prepared, your move is well planned prior to moving day to ensure your office relocation is efficient, cost effective and trouble free. We are the Professionals at work for you!

Storage Facility

Secure storage facility MD

Charming Movers' Storage Facility is well monitored for security purposes. The facility is also climate controlled, all goods are crated, and all crates are labeled so as to properly account for what is being stored. We offer our storage at a GREAT Price!

  • Low storage rates
  • No transfers
  • Modern, fireproof building
  • Secure, climate controlled facility
  • See More Info...

Packing Services

professinal packing services

Expert packing is the key to a successful move. Our professional crews are committed to providing quality packing of all of your possessions. Our packing experts arrive with all the materials necessary to box your stuff so it’s optimized for safe, efficient transport. We also offer Unpacking service. Once you arrive at your new location; deciding where your items should actually go for now can be difficult, having help with all the unpacking makes thing faster and much easier.

If you choose to pack yourself our resourceful staff will offer tips and support throughout the moving process.

Auto Transport

We move cars to your new locations while moving your possesion, too.
They are placed inside our trucks and travel with your possessions to your new location.

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